Common Washing Machine Problems

washing machine repair yonkersThere are a variety of issues that could lead to having a problem with the performance of your machine. Listed and explained below are only but a few problems. Presence of these problems entails you need the assistance of a professional washing machine repairer in Yonkers.


There a lot of issues that could make the machine stop spinning properly. In most cases, because you are overloading the machine with clothes at once, which will stress the machine and stop it from spinning. Take out the clothes and see if the problem stops or not.

If it doesn’t, then it’s a little serious issue. Its either you have a bad lid switch that is preventing the machine from running, or you have a clogged pump or a malfunctioning one. You can correct any of these issues by contacting a repair expert.


Most times when you experience drainage problems, it is as a result of clogged hose or drains or at times it might be more complicated than that. Which means you need to replace the pump in the machine. To avoid flooding of your laundry room, it is advisable to resolve any problem caused by drainage. Issues such as clogged drainage can be fixed by you, not any other sever problem. When it’s a pump problem, do not try replacing them yourself if you don’t have the training – contact professional washing machine repairers. We are the best for washing machine repairs in Yonkers.


Washing machines have a way of calling your attention to a particular problem. In most cases, strange noises are warning signs that your machine has a fault. If it is making a gurgling noise, then you should check the drain line, it indicates a kind of obstruction along the drain. Getting rid of whatever is blocking the drain will resolve the problem and stop any further faults.

Clicking sounds, on the other hand, indicates that something is stuck in the drain of your washer, maybe as a result of something coming out of your pocket during laundry. Humming sound can also mean the presence of foreign objects in the pump. All this sounds if not looked into can result in serious problems with your washer.


If you notice leaks from your washing machine, you should first figure out the point where the leak is happening. You have a problem with your drain hose should the leaking occur only during spinning. The damaged or clogged hose can lead to leaking of the washer. Also too much detergent can result in leaking of the machine, worn out drain pump is also a reason for your washer to leak, a washer with a bad door seal can also result in leaking of the washer. All these problems can be discovered and fixed by a professional – our professionals.

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