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Sub-Zero refrigerators are the best in the class. It has a nice, elegant and stylish look with the freezer at the bottom. A Sub-Zero fridge is much different from the conventional and usual refrigerators of the past. It blends perfect well with the room and the kitchen. Besides the looks, the performance is great. If you reside in Yonkers, New York and are in need of refrigerator repairs, we can help you out. From Hastings to Yonkers, we specialize in Sub-Zero refrigerator repairs. Appliance Doctor is the major Sub-Zero refrigerator repair company serving clients since 30-35 years for Yonkers and nearby areas. We are specialists in Sub-Zero refrigerator repairs and promise to restore your appliance and get it back to working condition in the first visit. We are your one-stop repair service provider, offering repairs on the day of calling.

35 Years of Experience!

We proudly acknowledge the fact that we have 35 years of experience in Sub-Zero refrigerator repairs. Our factory trained technicians are courteous, polite and offer honest repair services. The top-of-the-line technicians have decades of experience in niche field. If the repair work is done at your home, it will be backed by warranties so that when we leave your home, you are relaxed.

After taking our repair services, you can expect the Sub-Zero appliance to function as new for decades. The refrigerator will cool efficiently and keep things fresh inside. When buying the new appliance is difficult and expensive, you can take up repair services from us to save thousands of dollars. Our expertise and immense knowledge in the field is totally unrivaled. So, make it a point to check with us, prior to throwing your Sub-Zero refrigerator.

Making an Appointment with Us!

Yonkers is the main area where we offer Sub-Zero refrigerator repairs. Simply give us a call and we will try to repair things on the phone itself. If things are not fixed, our technician will visit your place. The ones who cannot handle the repairs themselves, they can contact us. Our knowledgeable and professional repair providers will surely do the needful and give 100% satisfaction. Check out our website now and fill up the online form. When you fill up the online form, we will get in touch with us as soon as possible. We wish to do repeated business with you. Prices are very much affordable and lenient.

With Appliance Doctor, friendly and courteous Sub-Zero refrigerator repair service awaits you!