Washing Machine Repairs Westchester NY – Belt Drive Vs Direct Drive Washers

Washing Machine Repairs Westchester NY

If you have been in the market recently for a new washer you would have noticed it’s not all toggle dials and mechanical buttons anymore. Today’s latest models offer a plethora of digital features along with impressive eco-friendly options. These features and benefits go well beyond the cosmetics but down to the engine room of what drives a modern day washer. Here are some things to consider when choosing between a belt driven washer as opposed to direct drive.

Appliance Doctor Westchester NY – Direct Drive Washers

There are two basic designs for the modern washer direct drive and belt drive. Direct drive meaning the pump and engine are actually connected directly to each other. Belt drive, on the other hand, have these systems separated by a series of belts and pulleys.

With a direct drive system on your washer, the pump runs at the same speed as the engine. Direct drive systems have an advantage over there belt driven cousins because there is no moving parts and no need for the adjustment of belts or the maintenance thereof and tend to be a smidge cheaper initially.

Westchester NY Appliance Repair – Belt Drive Washers                        

After hearing about the efficiency of the direct drive you’ve got to be thinking what could be better than that they are quite have less moving parts etc. Well, don’t count out the old girl yet. Belts and pulleys may not be the newest game in town but I’m here to tell you there far from gone.

Belt drive washers use belts and pulleys to regulate the pump and control speed.Belt drive washers can run significantly lower pump speeds than direct drive over 2000 rpm in most cases. This creates a lot less friction and lower operating temperatures which inevitably means an extended life of your machine.

To sum up you can expect a longer life out of the belt drive due to the lower pump speeds and operating temps. The direct drives require less maintenance as there are no belts to replace or tension. In the end, it’s a lifestyle choice between set and forget or be prepared to replace a belt here or there.

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Appliance Repair Doctor: Tips on Buying a New Fridge

The time has come to invest in a new fridge. Chances are there are more choices than ever so here’s some practical tips to finding the fridge that will serve you best.

If you’re replacing a refrigerator that fits between or underneath cabinets be sure to measure carefully so the new model will fit in the same space. Very important to remember to allow for reasonable door clearance. Also, make sure your new unit will make it through all doorways and hallways.

Refrigerators with the freezer on top are the most common and least expensive. These basic units have pull out fruit and vegetable bins, spill guard shelves and sufficient door space to hold one-gallon containers.

Refrigerator – Side by Side

Side by side models are a good fit for narrow kitchens because they take up the least space with the doors open. Most side by sides come with a through the door water dispenser. Water and ice dispensers are a convenient feature, however, Eastchester NY appliance repair surveys show appliances with these features require more frequent repairs.

Side by side units have narrow freezers so that normally means a frozen pizza wouldn’t fit and you may find that items tend to get cluttered and hidden behind each other. Refrigerators with the freezer on the bottom are fast becoming the go-to model for most families. With the fridge on top, your fresh foods are easy to reach. You will need to bend a little bit to access your freezer but pull out draws allow you to see your food from above.

These fridges come in single and French door models the latter with two narrow doors. Having duel doors is more efficient because your only airing out a portion of the fridge when opening one door.

Cabinet Depth Refrigerators

Cabinet depth refrigerators are designed to be flush with the counters with only the doors extending past the counter top. These units are shallow only about twenty-nine to thirty inches deep.

Cabinet depth refrigerators are available in a side by side and a French door style.

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Appliance Doctor Westchester NY – Tips on Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances

If you are looking for a premium option for your home’s appliances chances are that premium option will include a stainless-steel finish on these products. Basically, all major brands these days have a premium line that sports a stainless-steel finish. MoAppliance Repair Westchester NY st would agree if you have the little extra cash to lay out for stainless the end result for your kitchen is very easy on the eyes. Whilst stainless steel appliances really look the part they do show up finger prints and smudges more easily. Here are a few handy tips on cleaning stainless steel appliances that won’t break the bank.

Westchester Refrigerator Repair Recommends A Little Elbow Grease

When your stainless steel fridge is starting to look like a kids finger painting its time to grab a spray bottle and fill it with water. Spray down the desired area thoroughly after that take a microfiber cloth and work your way from the top down in an S pattern working with the grain of the steel to prevent scratches. Once the smudges and grime are gone flip the cloth over and give it a good dry buff. This action will give you a consistent sheen and remove any remaining water marks.

Occasionally you will encounter stubbornly caked on grime where water and elbow grease simply won’t cut it. In this case, mix one part vinegar and one part water to your water bottle and repeat the process. Vinegar acts as a natural cleaning agent making it safe to be around food and it can be kept in the refrigerator to clean spills on the fly when needed.

Appliance Doctors all About The Shine

Once you have your stainless steel appliances sparkling clean its time to make them shine. The process to do this is the same as the previous cleaning action except for this time we are going to use rubbing alcohol or even a cheap vodka. Yes, that’s right the vodka can come out of the fridge and on to the cloth. The alcohol drys super fast and leaves a streak-free finish. Mix one part alcohol and one part water into the spray bottle start from the top and rinse and repeat.

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