Which Detergent is Best for your Dishwasher

With so many products on the market, you may be wondering which detergent you should use for your dishwasher. There are powders, tablets and liquid detergents that you can try for your machine. If your dishes aren’t cleaning properly you may need to get in touch with a dishwasher repair expert based in Dobbs Ferry or Westchester, NY. The Appliance Doctor can come to you all over Westchester County. Here’s how to determine which detergent is best for your dishwasher.

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If you are looking for an inexpensive solution you may opt for dishwasher powder. However, it’s usually not as effective as alternative methods. This is why you might not find many powders on the market. You may find the powder doesn’t completely dissolve or residue left on your load. It might be cheap but it is unlikely to get the job done.

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A more expensive option is the tablets. They contain the right amount for each cycle and some also contain rinse aid agent. These are the most popular as they are generally the most effective. They are easy to use as you just pop one in your machine and it’s ready to start. If you’ve tried several detergents and your load still isn’t cleaning you may need to seek dishwasher repair in Westchester, NY.

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Liquid detergent is less expensive than the tablets and will get your dishes clean. However, it is not as efficient as the tablets due to lack of precision measurement. You will find that it is a more effective cleaning agent than powder for your dishwasher.

Try different products to see which detergent works best for your machine. Some makes and models typically work better with a particular type of cleaning agent. If you have tried a number of products and can’t get your load clean then it is time to find Dobbs Ferry dishwasher repair. The Appliance Doctor is the preferred choice of residents for dishwasher repair or any other appliance repair in Westchester or appliance repair in Dobbs Ferry.