3 Things You Should Know When Buying A New Washing Machine

When the time comes to buy a new washing machine, there are a few things you should know. TechnAppliance Repair Service in New Rochelleology has advanced to ensure machines are getting smarter and saving more energy than ever before. With plenty of different makes and models on the market, it can be difficult to start. At the Appliance Doctor, we make it simple so that you can pick the right washer in New Rochelle. Here are our top 3 tips to help with your purchase.

Follow the Appliance Doctor’s Washing Machine Advice

If you know the energy usage details of your old machine, you might struggle to compare it to newer models. With the rigorous testing of appliances, we now have more information available. Each model will have an Energy Guide label. It is better for the environment and your bills to choose a machine that has a high Integrated Modified Energy Factor (IMEF) and a low Integrated Water Factor (IWF).

Seek a Reputable Appliance Repair Service in New Rochelle

You may notice that the washing machines that are on the market now use considerably less water. Manufacturers have used new technology to get the most out of a small amount of water. There is a significant saving, and depending on your old model you could be saving several gallons of water per cycle. This means you should never overfill your appliance as there is less water in there to thoroughly wash your load.

New Rochelle Residents Choose the Appliance Doctor

Buying a new machine could mean you need to change your detergent. As you are using less water, filling up with your regular detergent should be avoided. Have a look at the products on offer as some are specially formulated to clean well with less water. You don’t want to use a detergent that creates too many suds as your machine won’t be able to wash your laundry properly. It can also extend the cycles as your washer works harder to rinse your clothes. If you encounter any problems with your new machine, get in touch with the Appliance Doctor to get your appliance repaired in New Rochelle, NY.