Why You Shouldn’t Pre-Rinse Your Dishwasher Load

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You may think that by giving your dishes a rinse by hand before loading that you are ensuring, they are clean. However, recent studies have proven this isn’t the case. Save time and water by avoiding the pre-rinse and letting your dishwasher do its job. For repairing dishwasher issues, contact the Appliance Doctor for expert appliance repairs in White Plains. Here’s why you shouldn’t rinse your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

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If you have bought your appliance in the last few years, you shouldn’t need to pre-rinse. The technology has evolved so that your dishwasher assess how clean your dishwasher and runs a cycle accordingly. If you have already rinsed your dishes, then it assumes they are fairly clean and doesn’t provide a thorough cycle. This can leave harmful bacteria remaining on your load. If you leave them dirty, your machine will provide a deep clean. To ensure your dishwasher is working properly, contact the Appliance Doctor for service all across Westchester County.

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Older machines may require you to rinse if food is heavily cakedon. If you’re not convinced that you don’t need to pre-rinse, don’t take our word for it. Read your manual as it will let you know exactly how to use your dishwasher. Usually, you will be advised to place the dirtiest pots to face the center of your washer. A high-quality detergent, the high temperatures and the angles of the water jets are designed to leave your dishes squeaky clean.

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Skipping out the pre-rinse is better for the environment as well as your bills. Many dishwashers are energy efficient and save water. However, running the tap to rinse your dishes beforehand counteracts this saving. It also wastes unnecessary time which is better spent elsewhere. Let your appliance take care of your dirty dishes instead. If you find your dishwasher is no longer cleaning effectively, contact the Appliance Doctor to repair appliance in White Plains, NY.